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Tradefirst.com members maximize their business potential by using barter to offset current cash expenses. New customers equal money for your business to pay for goods and services that are needed to run your day to day operations. Fight economic slowdown, high energy costs and big box competition by joining a progressive group of local businesses.

What We Do:

  • Expand Your Customer Base

  • Reduce storage costs for old or excess inventory

  • Improve Your Cash Flow

  • Increase Your Sales & Profitability

  • Increase Your Employee Benefits and Incentives

Thousands of small businesses take advantage of barter to gain a competitive edge. The opportunities abound in areas that are vital to a small business such as advertising, facility maintenance, vehicle repair, printing, telephone systems, legal and accounting services, health care, travel and entertainment.

Since 1978, TradeFirst.com has been leading the way, providing local business with the most advanced and proactive barter network in the United States. Now with over 10,000 card-carrying members the TradeFirst.com network is stronger than ever!

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>> Success Stories
  • "After joining TradeFirst.com we quickly skyrocketed to Elite status. With more than $175,000 in sales - Business is booming!"

    David and Darian Bobby
    Atlas Home Improvement

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  • "Joining TradeFirst.com turned out to be the best business decision we have made."

    Melissa Oleksiak, President
    Condor Heating & Cooling Specialists Inc.

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  • "Since 1991 my companies have traded over a million dollars!"

    John Curzydylo, Owner
    Affordable Flowers

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  • "The staff at TradeFirst are always helpful and courteous."

    Mario Grech
    Allegra Print & Imaging

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  • "TradeFirst.com income helped build my company when I first started, and was critical to my small business survival."

    Elaine Florea, Owner
    Beach Vacation Rentals

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  • "We are very pleased with the partnership between Clear Channel and TradeFirst.com."

    Jessica Pulis, Sales Manager
    Clear Channel of Michigan

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  • "I have been a member of TradeFirst.com for many years. Quite simply, I LOVE IT!"

    Dr. Jeffrey Bartlett, D.D.S.

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  • "After joining we quickly found one supplier that will save us sixty thousand dollars in a recurring expense."

    Richard Moseley
    The Pressure Cleaning and Painting Expert

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  • "Getting business was no problem. I started getting orders immediately after joining."

    Jeff Lawson
    Triangle Printing

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  • "Tradefirst.com is a valuable part of my business. I have found the TF really helped improve our cash flow."

    Jeff Evers, President
    Uncle Squeegees Window Cleaning

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  • "The Birmingham 8 and the Palladium 12 have been very pleased with our membership"

    Nancy DeVoe, Director of Operations
    Uptown Entertainment LLC

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  • "We've become an avid supporter of this innovative and friendly organization."

    Feet First Fitness

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  • "We used our TradeFirst account to fund our entire television campaign, over 1000 spots on 10 networks!"

    Rich Rucker, V.P. of Promotions

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