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On a national level, trade has been used successfully by most Fortune 1000 companies for decades. According to National Association of Trade Exchanges, 65% of companies on the NY Stock Exchange engage in barter. Through trade, savvy companies are creating value by:

  • Generating new sales and increase product/service distribution

  • Reduce storage costs for old or excess inventory

  • Minimize or eliminate losses from perishable goods

  • Extending the reach and power of their marketing plans without spending additional cash

  • Realizing better returns on excess inventory or other assets than traditional liquidation offers

At TradeFirst, we believe in strategic trade bringing two companies together for mutual benefit. TradeFirst will facilitate and broker the trade, as well as manage the entire process. The options are unlimited. So whether it's trading travel for media, or office furniture for hotel accommodations, or freight and logistics for event planning services, strategic trade is a real value-creating and cash-preserving solution.

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>> National Success Stories
  • "One of Metro Detroit's major cable providers sells advertising on trade for over 40 major cable networks, reaching approximately 2.8 million cable households and 5.7 million regional news network homes across the United States. The company has done over a million in new trade business since becoming a TradeFirst member only seven years ago, and spent just as much. When a need arises, they call their broker first to see if it can be accomplished on trade. As a result, they were able to move locations, completely outfit the new location, and throw a grand opening party for their new offices - all through trade."

    Cable Provider

  • "A large and exclusive Caribbean Island resort found itself undercapitalized for its projected, and much needed, advertising campaign after they started to feel the results of the global economic slow-down. Working with TradeFirst to explore opportunities where they could reach their demographic audience, they were positioned with publishers and online advertisers to whom the property would represent new business so bartering was an appropriate and very attractive prospect. The resort was able to launch their entire advertising campaign with more than 50% of the expense covered by empty room nights, promptly garnering the property, and all its remodeling, the attention and reservations activity for which it had hoped."

    Caribbean Island Resort

  • Since November 1998, a local Detroit Shelving and Storage company has received over $840,000 in new business from TradeFirst members, and spent about the same amount. They like to invest trade dollars in building maintenance service for their two buildings such as lawn care, asphalt repair, roofing and snow removal, but also utilize trade for printing, marketing products and advertising services. "We love because we have earned the trust of many new customers and vendors that we would not have had the chance to meet otherwise."

    Shelving and Storage Company

  • "A major hotel in New York wanted to send out holiday gifts to their VIP customers and event/meeting planners, however this expense was not budgeted. By trading rooms that would have gone unsold, they were able to capture revenue and then use that revenue to purchase holiday gift baskets from one of the top internet retailers on a full trade basis."

    New York Hotel

  • "A luxury resort out west was able to fill a major hole in the peak of their off season by bartering a portion of the room charges for a very large meeting. Since the resort was renovating several areas of the resort, they were able to use this revenue to offset a major cash expense by bartering for one of the top hospitality photographers in the country."

    Luxury Resort

  • "A hotel magazine publisher was recently appraised for the annual 300+ plaques they distribute as awards. They were thrilled to be able to use their excess capacity to fund this order on trade, as each plaque can cost upward of $100."

    Magazine Publisher

  • "A luggage company looking to print their yearly catalog were able to finance the job by selling the previous year's excess inventory through bartering."

    Luggage Company

  • "A major communications company was hosting a large incentive trip for its top dealers. They were able to finance a significant part of the meeting on trade using their excess inventory."

    Communiciations Company

  • "A beautiful boutique property in the Caribbean had not expected to replace any furniture after the economy had impacted so many travel destinations. No budget, therefore, was allocated, but the General Manager still wanted to renew the furniture in one of the restaurants on property. Funding the new furniture purchase entirely with unsold room nights, this resort in Mexico received $18,000 of new furniture for their restaurant and reopened the dining area with pride and a fresh new look."

    Caribbean Boutique

National Trade