Southfield Michigan

Our Southfield members use our own private internal currency, the TradeFirst trade dollar. Southfield businesses earn trade dollars (instead of cash) that are deposited into their account. They then have the ability to purchase goods and services from other local Michigan members utilizing their trade dollars.

In the United States approximately 500,000 businesses are involved in barter exchanges. Barter exchange systems can provide new sales and higher volumes of business. Utilizing barter, a business can take down time or idle inventory and turn it into new revenue. can help conserve cash for essential expenditures, and convert unproductive assets into real value.

TradeFirst helps brick-and-mortar businesses fight big box and internet commerce. Listen to our latest radio spot. More info.

Create Value Through Trade

Generate new sales and increase distribution in Southfield and beyond. Receive better returns on excess inventory and other assets.

Reduce storage costs for old and excess inventory. Minimize or eliminate losses from perishable goods by allying with other Southfield/Michigan members.

Increase the power of your marketing plan by extending your reach without spending cash.

Local Southfield Trade

At the local level, trade takes on even greater importance and utility. The more concentrated the membership base is, the more appealing it is to join a barter exchange. We deepen local economic activity and help make Main Street stronger. Joining will help connect you to our Michigan network which will help your business and other Southfield members thrive!

National Trade

On a national level, trade has been used successfully by most Fortune 1000 companies for decades. According to National Association of Trade Exchanges, 65% of companies on the NY Stock Exchange engage in barter.

  • Access to over 5,000 companies.
  • Dedicated Trade Broker
  • Magnetic swipe card.
  • Interactive member website.
  • Smart phone app.
  • Weekly e-mail specials.
  • Bi-Weekly fax specials.
  • Travel Department: Dedicated broker to help you use trade for traveling.
  • Media Department: Helping you use trade to advertise.
  • Connection to the Southfield network