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The Smart Network for Business


Frequently Asked Questions

TradeFirst brings together thousands of business owners who exchange goods and services without cash transactions. Instead, they rely on TradeFirst dollars, our community currency. The advantages are clear: they gain new customers and access essentials without using cash they’ve earned through hard work.

TradeFirst TradeDollars hold an equivalent value to the US dollar and serve as the currency for all transactions within our community. Every transaction, whether a sale or a purchase, is meticulously recorded as credits or debits in member accounts. These records adhere strictly to TradeFirst’s Trading Procedures, Policies, Rules, and Regulations, as well as IRS regulations, ensuring transparency and accountability in every exchange.

You earn TradeDollars whenever a TradeFirst member (or card-carrying employee, friend or family member) buys your product or service using their TradeFirst card. (TradeDollars are equivalent to U.S. dollars.)

You can spend your TradeDollars just like cash — without spending cash — at any TradeFirst member business. (TradeDollars cannot be used on sales tax or gratuities.) 

No. You can spend your TradeDollars with any member business you’d like, no matter which members have already paid you in TradeDollars.

When you become a member of TradeFirst, you’re embracing an alternative currency for transactions. Through TradeFirst, your business gains exposure to a vast network of fellow members, attracting new customers who pay with TradeFirst dollars for your offerings.

Subsequently, you can utilize the accrued TradeFirst revenue to procure goods and services from any other member within the network. This translates into tangible benefits for your business, including the acquisition of new customers and enhanced cash flow through regular buying and selling on TradeFirst.

Importantly, spending TradeFirst TradeDollars means you’re purchasing goods and services at your own cost of goods, ensuring a fair and equitable exchange within the community.

When you join TradeFirst, you become part of a searchable database accessible to all 5,000+ member business owners and their card-carrying employees. You can also advertise to this captive audience in our TradeFirst email newsletter.

Once you’re a TradeFirst member, you can refer new member businesses and earn $100 in trade for each one that joins. Referrals create a better trading experience and give your membership more value.

No. TradeDollars never expire.

A TradeFirst line of credit is similar to a regular bank line of credit.  We are investing in your business, by loaning you TradeDollars which you will pay back.

When we say we help businesses become more prosperous, we stand by that promise. Leave your cash in the bank and let TradeFirst TradeDollars work to grow your company.

TradeFirst will help deliver new customers to your business.  Providing income in TradeDollars to create a positive balance.

TradeFirst Lines of Credit fees are payable in TradeDollars, not cash! The monthly interest accrues at 1.5%. 


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