The Smart Network for Business

The Smart Network for Business

Welcome To TradeFirst

TradeFirst is the modern incarnation of the world’s oldest economic system. Trade. Barter. Exchange. Now perfected, managed, digitized, and optimized for the 21st Century.

• Conserve cash  
• Expand your marketing reach  
• Grow your base  

• Discover new customers and exceptional vendors

5,000 companies strong, we are a network of savvy business owners and entrepreneurs who trade with each other through the TradeFirst trade bank. Members buy and sell, without spending cash, but using TradeDollars instead. 
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Our members rave about the benefits of TradeFirst.

How Trade Works

Discover. Compete. Grow.

TradeFirst has been helping local main street companies, the real engine of the economy, grow stronger for more than 45 years.  Helping entrepreneurs — it’s what we do. 

With offices in Michigan, Ohio, and Florida, and a nationwide and international reach, we can get you almost anything you need on Trade. 

It’s a smart strategy to grow your business in boom times or tough years alike.  


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You Can't Sell Yesterday

Every day, TradeFirst members fill otherwise empty seats at their restaurants and entertainment venues, book jobs in downtime hours, and sell off excess inventory — opportunities they never would have had without our vast local TradeFirst network. 

What opportunities are you missing out on? Our experienced team can show you how to profit from Trade.


See what some of our 5,000+ members have to say about TradeFirst.

TradeFirst’s Million Dollar Club is a prestigious showcase of businesses that have surpassed the $1 Million sales milestone through our thriving barter network. 

For more than four decades, TradeFirst has been the driving force behind countless businesses, empowering them to save precious cash, boost their sales figures, and draw in a wave of new customers. 

Head over to TradeFirst.com to see who's in the club!
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Whether you're looking locally or nationally, we're the smart network for businesses like yours to trade. Learn more at TradeFirst.com.
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We think you've been working too hard! You should book yourself a spa day on trade at TradeFirst.com. Check out these Florida businesses offering gift certificates on trade. #trade #tradefirst #spaday #florida #floridabusinesses
One of the best perks of TradeFirst membership is travel on Trade.
Cancun? Jamaica? California? Vegas? Where do you want to go?
TRADEFIRST TRAVEL can get you there in style.  Our network has hundreds of travel partners Being able to afford exciting travel destination, without spending cash?  Priceless. TradeFirst.com.
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No one likes being left out! Join our community of over 5,000 business owners. We'll help you attract new customers, drive revenue and conserve cash through our smart business network. TradeFirst.com
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Florida members! Looking for a place to treat your employees or charm your clients? Check out our restaurant guide. Call for current hour and menu options. And don't forget to tip! TradeFirst.com
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It took 30 long years for this team to be able to drop that championship flag in Ford Field. In just 25 short days Detroit is honored to host the NFL Draft for the first time. TradeFirst TradeMART is celebrating this momentous event with 30% off Lions apparel now through April 25th. Shop TradeMART Monday through Friday 9am to 5:30pm or ask us about shipping.
Jerseys Reg $124.99 NOW $87.50
Sweatshirts Reg $65 NOW $45.50
T-shirts Reg $29.99 NOW $20.99
Barbara at The Village Optician LOVES TRADE! Find out what you can get on trade at TradeFirst.com.
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Barbara at The Village Optician (Village-Optician.com) LOVES TRADE! Find out what you can get on trade at TradeFirst.com.

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If you haven't signed up for our newsletter yet, you're missing out! Head to TradeFirst.com and scroll to the bottom of our homepage to enter your email and stay in the loop. No one wants to be the last to know!
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Floridians! Want to make a splash for your next corporate outing? Add a burst of color to the work week by taking your employees for a painting class with Peter Olsen Art Studio or Paint With Faith. @paintwithfaith
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There are so many advantages to being a TradeFirst member and your opportunities are endless. Learn more at TradeFirst.com.
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Take a page out of the Ann Arbor T-shirt Company's book and grow on trade at TradeFirst.com. @annarbortees
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It took 30 long years for this team to be able to drop that championship flag in Ford Field. Now in 30 days Detroit is honored to host the NFL Draft for the first time. TradeFirst TradeMART is celebrating this momentous event with 30% off Lions apparel. Shop TradeMART Monday through Friday 9am to 5:30pm or ask us about shipping.
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Florida TradeFirst family! Is it time for an oil change? Do you need some detailing done? Get your wheels looking and running great on trade at TradeFirst.com.
Check out Auto Repair Store and A-1 Auto Detailing in Plantation, @dynamictransmission in Deerfield Beach and Inn N Out Oil in Fort Lauderdale for all of your auto needs. 

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See why our members choose TradeFirst.com!
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Today's Member Spotlight is shining on @anitaskitchen_ !

Anita's serves up fresh, authentic Lebanese food in a fast-casual manner at its many locations in Ferndale, Lake Orion, Detroit and even Detroit Metro Airport. A metro Detroit favorite since 1981, Anita's Kitchen is a proud TradeFirst member and we're so glad to have them. 
#anitaskitchen #lebanesefood #memberspotlight #tradefirst #trade #barter #restaurant
TradeFirst.com has been making our members happy for a long time. John Hoose from LaVida Massage has been with us since the eighties! Thanks for sharing your story with us, John!
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TradeFirst members know a few tricks to fill Easter baskets without emptying their bank accounts. When they hop on in to TradeMART for a stuffed bunny, hook a fishing play set, or a gardening set for their little sprout; members are able to build their savings by using trade dollars instead. Come shopping today!
You can't sell yesterday! Find out how TradeFirst.com can help you sell today!
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TradeFirst members don't settle for the basic store made Easter baskets, they shop TradeMART spending their trade dollars instead of their cash creating the most unique Easter baskets for all ages.
Inflation, inflation, inflation. We hear about it on the news, at the bar and from family and friends, too. How do we escape it? 

It’s times like this when the value of being a member of the TradeFirst community is most valuable. Routine, monthly costs do not have to go away or be added to a growing credit card balance. There is a better solution: TradeFirst.com

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Looking for a photographer in Florida? Find one at TradeFirst.com in a 📷  SNAP and a FLASH 📸.

Kenneth Applebaum Photography Inc. at KAPhotography.com
Andrew Goldstein Photography Inc. at AndrewGoldsteinPhotography.com 

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Check out this Trade Minute with Dave Mayer at Videoburst to find out how you can make TradeFirst work for you in every aspect of your business – and life! TradeFirst.com
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Today's Member Spotlight is shining on One of a Kind Dezign! 

Established in 1991, One of a Kind Design is dedicated to elevating businesses above the competition. The company's expertise in branding, advertising, marketing and cutting-edge web design ensures that every client stands out and captures attention. With a proven track record of excellence, One of a Kind Deszign transform visions into remarkable success stories. OneOfAKindDezign.com

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Florida members! Here's your SIGN to check out Image 360 for all of your branded visual needs. A valued TradeFirst member, image360lauderhill will help you get your message out there! TradeFirst.com.
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You name it, we've probably got it on trade! Learn more at TradeFirst.com.
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Lines of credit are a great way to meet your ongoing business needs.  But with interest rates high and payback usually requiring cash (and lots of it), credit lines can be problematic, right?

But what if you could get credit on TRADE?  And not have to deplete cash reserves to pay it back. Learn more now about how you can invest in your business with a TradeFirst line of credit at TradeFirst.com.
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🏆 Does your "Employee of the Month," deserve better than paper certificate? Looking to make your annual awards banquet a bit snazzier? Use your TradeFirst dollars at Crown Engraving in Boca Raton or Lou Scalia's Awards in Davie for a shinier way to say, "Job Well Done," and "We Appreciate You," or whatever else you'd like engraved into a plaque, trophy, you name it! TradeFirst.com 🏆 
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You know we're the better choice! All jokes aside, TradeFirst is one of the nation's oldest and most established trade networks. We have brokered over half a billion dollars in trade, in over 1,000 categories of goods and services. TradeFirst.com.
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😁 Keep your smile sparkling and shining! Use your trade dollars for dental services. 😁 
With 38 dentists in our group of members, in Michigan, Ohio and Florida, there are plenty of options for taking care of your pearly whites at TradeFirst.com!
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Time to update your business cards? Need a fun flyer for your next big event? Want agendas you can actually scribble on at the next meeting? TradeFirst Florida Family, look no further than @jamestheprinter for all your printing purposes. TradeFirst.com
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TradeFirst has a serious question to ask business owners: Why spend your 💵 cash 💵 when you can trade for necessary items, services, and travel expenses? Our community exchange offers business owners the opportunity to connect with thousands of other companies throughout several states, and in the Caribbean. In fact, 60% of everyday expenses can be purchased through out barter network. And this cash savings can then be used for hard-to-get items, reinvested in the company, or saved for a rainy day. Learn more at TradeFirst.com.
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Is this cold getting you down ☃️? Members, let TradeFirst help you heat things up🔥! 😮 Plan your winter escape now⛷️ . 

Book hotels at locations across the US as well as select countries around the globe 🌎 : Barbados, Mexico, Panama, Peru, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, Spain and more. 

Visit TradeFirst.com today or contact your account representative to inquire about booking lodging for your next travel adventure.

(Photo provided by Oualie Beach Resort in Oualie Bay (West Indies). Be sure to check out the video on their website to learn more about the resort!)

What are you waiting for? Let's start planning that trip together!🛬 🛬 🛬 

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72 days until the NFL draft- being held right here in the heart of Detroit!
193 days until the reigning NCAA champions begin defending their title
204 days until NFL kickoff
Get ready for next season without spending your cash, use trade on these sweatshirts, t-shirts, and crew neck sweaters sizes small-2xl
Available at TradeMART today.
Gift Certificates always make a great gift–especially for yourself! Check out TradeFirst members offering gift certificates, including Anglin's Beach Cafe, Even Keel Fish Shack, Nelsen's Diner, Tequila Sunrise and Umberto's of Pompano Beach. 

Not a member yet, but interested in offering gift certificates through TradeFirst? Call us at (954) 781-5000 or visit us online at https://members.tradefirst.com to learn how we can help you get more butts in seats while keeping your cash in your pockets.

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A member since 2005, why does Atlas Home Improvement value its relationship with TradeFirst?  Their team calls TradeFirst, FIRST, before making buying decisions.

"We are learning to call TradeFirst, as the name implies. We have to trust the broker's intimate understanding of the many products and services that are available from other trade members. We are learning that there are few things that can't be accomplished or purchased through trade." 

-David Bobby, Atlas Home Improvement

Read more: https://bit.ly/3HPysZp

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Floridians! Need a ride from the airport after a long week of travel? Looking to arrive to a networking event in style? Want to impress a client with a ride to your office? Look no further than Larry's Private Car & Limo at LarrysLimo.com.
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Do you know someone who could benefit from joining TradeFirst? Of course you do! Refer them today to earn $100 in trade for yourself. TradeFirst.com.
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At TradeFirst, we believe in strategic trade bringing two companies together for mutual benefit. TradeFirst will facilitate and broker the trade, as well as manage the entire process. The options are unlimited. Whether it’s trading travel for media, office furniture for hotel accommodations or freight and logistics for event planning services, strategic trade is a real value-creating and cash-preserving solution. Our knowledgeable staff is here to meet your needs and quickly match you with members who can fill your request. TradeFirst.com
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While it is about what you know as a small business, it's also about who you know. Networking can be a daunting task but joining Trade First immediately connects you with over 5,000 qualified businesses helping each other grow. Learn more about our community at TradeFirst.com.
#tradefirst #networking #smallbusinesses #entrepreneur
Tax season 2024 is here and Florida residents can rely on MyTaxGuru LLC through Trade First to get their taxes prepared with peace of mind. Make your appointment today at one of MyTaxGuru.com three locations:

2800 West State Road 84 Suite 118
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33312

4701  N. Federal Hwy. Suite 318
Lighthouse Point, Florida 33064

1615 S. Congress Ave. Suite 103
Delray Beach, FL 33445

#taxes #florida #taxseason #tradefirst
This is just a taste of the positive and enthusiastic feedback that we get from successful trade partners every day. The truth is obvious: Business owners have nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining the TradeFirst community. Therefore, if you own a small, medium-sized, or large business, join TradeFirst today and find out why our partners grow faster than their competitors! TradeFirst.com
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Today's Friday Fact is that bartering is nowhere near outdated. According to the National Association of Trade Exchanges, 65% of companies on the NY Stock Exchange barter each year. Don't miss out on this powerful tool for your business. TradeFirst.com
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Are you a Florida business looking for a "sweet" way to "treat" your employees? Check out Le Chocolatier in North Miami Beach and cash in your Trade Dollars for a platter for that next big meeting or a couple of boxes of fine handmade chocolate for employee appreciation. TradeFirst.com.
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Considering becoming a Trade First Member? With such a wide variety of goods and services available (to and from) our members, why wouldn't you? Sign up today at TradeFirst.com and become one of over ten thousand card-carrying members.
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Salt, snow brushes, and coats, just what you need to keep the snow and cold at bay. Stop by TradeMART  today, open 9am-5:30pm 23200 Coolidge Hwy. Oak Park MI 48237
Friday Florida Flashback! We had a great time at our Florida Holiday Expo this year! If you were there, don't forget to follow up with the new business connections you made. If you aren't yet a Florida member, be sure to sign up with Trade First now and we'll add you to the 2024 invite list NOW! Call (954) 781-5000 for details.
How did Trade First get its start? What does the organization do and how do member companies barter with each other for mutual benefit? All of these questions (and more!) as answered by Trade First President Fred Detwiler during his interview with Michigan Entrepreneur TV. Watch now! 📺 


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