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With over 10,000 card-carrying members we know we can help you grow your business. We bring new customers to you through our Trade Exchange. Our community, is made up of successful business owners who maximize their business potential by using barter to offset cash expenses. New customers equal money for your business to pay for supplies and services that are needed to run your daily operations. Businesses of all sizes and industries, take advantage of barter to gain a competitive edge.

Expand Your Customer Base
Improve Cash flow
Increase Sales & Profitability
Reduce Old & Excess Inventory
Increase Employee Benefits & Incentives

Inflation, inflation, inflation. We hear about it on the news, at the bar, and even among family and friends. How do we escape it? As business owners and consumers, we see sky high prices when we fill our tanks at the fuel pump and buy groceries at the market. Just this spring, inflation hit its highest point in four-decades. Four-decades! With the price of goods and services up 9-14%, and commodity prices up as much as 50%, basic living requires more cash than ever. Reduced purchasing power not only hinders businesses’ ability to grow, it also makes it increasingly challenging to simply maintain standard operations.

Rising inflation and tax hikes are increases costs for local small businesses across all regions of the US. To combat these changes, entrepreneurs must look for ways to navigate economic uncertainty. Maintaining positive cash flow, while competing with Wall Street backed conglomerates and big tech internet sellers, is no small feat. It is during times like this when the value of being a member of the TradeFirst community is most valuable. Members can use TradeFirst dollars to purchase goods and services that their businesses need to keep the lights on. With rising costs reducing, and sometimes eliminating, profits, businesses must also keep up with payroll, purchase raw materials, and maintain their facilities. Without cash on hand, how do you replace windows in your business or home before winter? How do you afford landscaping and lawncare for your property? How do you keep the annual Christmas party tradition alive? These goods and services do not have to go away, or be added to a growing credit card balance. There is a better solution: TradeFirst dollars.

The TradeFirst network has over 10,000 card carrying members who can use their TradeFirst dollars to purchase anything their business needs. From lawn care and new windows to car washes and catered meals. If you need it, chances are a TradeFirst member can supply it. The TradeFirst community was built for times like this, when local businesses need a community that has their back when they are against the ropes. Let’s get through the bad times so that we can be around to enjoy the good times, together.

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Our trade exchange network is made up of companies from a variety of industries. From family owned local businesses to large internationally known corporations.

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