Bartering Helping Businesses

With over 10,000 card-carrying members we know we can help you grow your business. We bring new customers to you through our Trade Exchange. Our community, is made up of successful business owners who maximize their business potential by using barter to offset cash expenses. New customers equal money for your business to pay for supplies and services that are needed to run your daily operations. Businesses of all sizes and industries, take advantage of barter to gain a competitive edge.

Expand Your Customer Base
Improve Cash flow
Increase Sales & Profitability
Reduce Old & Excess Inventory
Increase Employee Benefits & Incentives

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on local businesses. The ability to adapt has been critical. Cash expenses have piled up and the average business owner is discovering he was not prepared for this crisis. TradeFirst members are experiencing those same challenges but are able to offset many of those cash expenses with TradeFirst dollars, the new business currency.

New cleaning and sanitizing standards can be achieved through the TradeFirst network of local businesses. New signage, remodeling, printing, repairs, remote office setups and IT support, advertising, healthcare… all can be purchased with trade dollars, rather than cash or credit.

Using TradeFirst member businesses supports local communities and keeps small businesses open and growing for generations. Become a member today and give your business the TradeFirst advantage. JOIN NOW


From smartphone apps to online account management, we keep our members updated with the latest technology for easy account management.


Grow your customer base within the TradeFirst community. We market member to member through a variety of digital and print mediums.


Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you and communicate with other members to get you the services you need when you need them.

Our Trade Community

Our trade exchange network is made up of companies from a variety of industries. From family owned local businesses to large internationally known corporations.

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